Nova Gold

Nova Gold

Nova Gold  is manufactured as per international standards and has high value micro nutrient supplements to improve crop production

Nova Gold  contains micronutrients manufactured through advanced chelating technology so it is quickly and totally soluble in water

Nova Gold  consists of Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum and Boron thus it corrects micronutrient deficiency timely and relevantly helping in quality crop production.

Nova Gold  is manufactured through spray drying process and is feasible for foliar spraying.

TYPE :   Formulation (Soil application )

DOSAGE :   5 to 10kg per acre

CROPS :   Cereals, pulses, commercial crops, vegetables, flower and fruit crops.


  • 1st soil application - Land preparation
  • 2ndsoil application - During flowering or fruit development


  • Easily soluble in water
  • Improves plant resistance
  • Enhances plant health and yield
  • Controls immature flower or fruit drop
  • Improves quality, colour and texture of fruits and vegetables

PACKAGING:  5kg and10kg ( Bag)

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