Nova Sticker

Nova Sticker

Colour optimised sticky glue traps for control of various greenhouse pests. The range of coloured sticky sheets can attract and contain a broad spectrum of soft bodied insects. Regular monitoring of the sticky traps makes detection of infestation possible.

Why Choose Nova Stickers?

The boards are easy to install and show early warning signs of infestation reducing the need for unnecessary spraying. Simply hang above your crop and monitor at regular intervals for the insect count and catch to determine population size and source of problem. Each trap comes with a pre-printed grid that assist with insect counts.

Available Colours :   Yellow, Blue

Available Forms :   Gridded Sheets and Rolls


Sticky Sheets Package Details:   Available in pack of 5 sheets X 6 Sets = 30 Sheets = 1

Sticky Rolls Package Details:   Available in pack of 1 Case = 6 Nova Sticker Yellow/Blue Rolls.

Stages to use:   Vegetative, flowering, fruiting and harvesting

Advantages:   Non-drying, Non-fading, Non-dripping, Water Proof, Double side glue, Temperature resistant (upto 600 C)

Precautions:   Wash hands after handling to remove glue on your hands.

Disposal:   Remove the traps once it is filled with insects. Dispose them Immediately away from the monitoring area to reduce interference.

Warning:   Keep in a cool and dry place, keep out of reach of children.

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