Nova Zinc33%

Nova Zinc33%

Nova Zinc33%  is made with advance plant nutrient technology.

Nova Zinc33%  is in chelated form it is readily available to plant and translocated easily into plant system to correct zinc deficiency.

Nova Zinc33%  improves intake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Nova Zinc33%  is in form of micro powder formulation so it immediately dissolves in water.

TYPE :   Straight micro-nutrient (Soil application)

DOSAGE :   5 to 10kg per acre

CROPS :   Cereals, pulses, commercial crops, vegetables, flower and fruit crops.


  • 5 to 10kg per acre, apply at 30 days interval if the deficiency persists


  • Improves the photosynthetic activity in plants
  • Important in cell wall formation, chlorophyll formation
  • Improves the plant health and growth

PACKAGING:  5kg and 10g (Bag)

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