Cosmo Plus

It is a naturally derived product from NOVA AGRI TECH PVT.LTD helpful in plant protection and production.

Cosmoplus boosts up resistance against pests in plants and also protects the plant from leaf, stem, fruit eating caterpillars for longer time.

Shows immense affect on pest like leaf eating caterpillars and borers that last for longer time.

Presence of natural hormones and organic acids helps the plant in effective and healthy growth which results in good quality and high yields.

CROPS:Rice,Suger cane,Chilli,Tomato,Cotton,Red gram,Tobacco,Melons,Fruit crops, Creeper vegetables and other vegetables etc.

DOSAGE: 40- 100ml/acre

PACKAGE: 25ml,50ml,100ml,250ml,500ml,1ltr.

MODE OF APPLICATION:Cosmoplus can be applied through foliar spray.