N3 is naturally derived products for (IRS) integrated resistance management from NOVA AGRI TECH.

It safeguards the crops from various diseases like downy mildew,powdery mildew,bacteria blight ,leafbligth,early blight.

A Part from promoting extensive and healthy growth in plant it also play a key role is effective management of pests like helicoverpa and spodoptera and sucking pests like thrips and mites in various crops.

Enhances disease and pest resistance in plants and also provides nutrients to protect the plant from deficiencies and disorders which indirectly contributes to good quality and high yields.

CROPS:Chilli,cotton,tomato,paddy,tobacco,turmeric,bhendi ,brinjal,papaya,mango, creeper vegetables and other vegetables.

DOSAGE:1ml+1ml/1lit water.