Nova Boost

Nova Boost is manufactured as per international standards and has high value micronutrient supplements to improve crop production

Nova Boost consists of Iron, Manganese and Zinc thus it corrects micronutrient deficiency timely and relevantly helping in quality crop production.

Nova Boost is available in powder form so it can be applied as soil application conveniently

TYPE : Formulation (Soil application)

DOSAGE : 5 to 10 kg per acre (Nursery), 50 to 200 g per tree (Orchards)

CROPS : Cereals, pulses, commercial crops, vegetables, flower and fruit crops.

  1. 1st soil application - Land preparation
  2. 2ndsoil application - During flowering or fruit development
  1. Improves disease resistance in plants
  2. Enhances plant health and yield
  3. Controls immature flower or fruit drop
  4. Improves quality, colour and texture of fruits and vegetables
  1. 1kg
  2. 5kg
  3. 10kg
  4. 25kg