Nova Fert 12-61-0

Nova Fert 12-61-0 NOVA FERT 12-61-0 contains nitrogen in ammonical form which offers more control over the amount of nitrogen that is available to crops when applied. It helps in flower setting and panicle emergence.

TYPE : Water soluble fertilizer (Soil application/fertigation, Foliar spray)

DOSAGE : Soil application / fertigation - 2 to 3 kg / acre, Foliar application - 10 gm / Litre of water

CROPS : Cereals, Pulses, Commercial Vegetable Crops, Flower and Fruit Crops

  1. 5 to 10 g/lit (foliar spray)
  2. 2 to 3 kg/acre (Drip irrigation)
  3. 5 kg/acre (soil application)
  1. Promotes root growth
  2. Provides uniform shape, size and colour to the produce
  3. Contains high analysis water soluble Phosphate with necessary trace elements which lowers the pH of root zone.
  4. Having Nitrogen in Ammonical form provides better nitrogen availability and better uptake of phosphorus from soil.
  5. Promotes flowering and root growth
  6. Increases yield both in quantity & quality.
  7. Free from chloride, sodium & other detrimental elements
  1. 1kg
  2. 25kg