OM-K is an Enriched Organic Manure And Fully Decomposed by Using Millions of Decomposing Organisms OM-K Is Enriched Organic Manure with plant extracts ,plant compost,micro and macro nutrients and Bio Stimulants which enrich the soil and provides healthy growth of the plant & increases the crop yield.

OM-K Balances the soil fertility by preventing the soil getting drained of Organic carbon because of over use of chemical Fertilizers .


OM-K Improves the Physical and Biological Properties of Soil, helps in root growth by improving soil structure

OM-K Improves the Soil Structure , Air Circulation And Water Retention Capacity of the soil

OM-K Retains nutrients and prevents them from leaching away the plant roots.

OM-K Contains Micro Nutrients (Ca, s, mg, Fe etc)And Macro Nutrients(NPK) Essential for plant growth.

Microbes in Om-K accelerate the breakdown of crop residues in the soil.this improves the texture of the soil also releases the locked-up elements.

OM-K Increases the quality of the field and it betters the crop yield by improving soil Fertility and soil structure.

Dosage : 25 Kg of OM-K Can be applied as both basedressing and top dressing.

Crops : Cotton, chilli, Maize, Sugarcane, Paddy, Onion, Potato,Turmeric,Bengal gram,Red gram,An other pulses,Fruits ,vegetables, and Other horticulture crops,Field crops, Cash Crops,Oil Seeds,Plantation crops,and all commercial crops.