Soil N Rich
  • SOIL-N-RICH is a product from nova agri tech which acts as a soil conditioner and natural nutrient provider, enriched with Ca,Mg,S.
  • The substance in soil-n-rich increases chlorophyll content which enhances production of starch results in increased tissue development and growth of the plant, strengthens the plant to tolerat pest, diseases and adverse environmental conditions by enhancing plants immunity and also supports root system development more over boosts up soil fertility and corrects soil problems.
  • Presence of sulphur content in the product play a key role in enhancing oil content , quality and strength of the oil seed crops.
  • Finally presence of Ca,Mg,S in soil-n-rich contributes in improving morphological, physical characteristics of the seeds , increasing viability and hardness of the seeds and also intensifing the quality and yields of the crops.
  • 50kg/acre.
Available package
  • 50kg