Nova Fert 0-52-34
  • Nova Fert 0-52-34 is a completely water soluble fertilizer induces flowering and fruit setting at an increased rate. The high phosphorus and potassium content reduces premature flower dropping and fruit shedding.
  • TYPE : Water soluble fertilizer (Soil application/fertigation, Foliar spray)
  • DOSAGE : Soil application / fertigation - 2 to 3 kg / acre, Foliar application - 10 gm / Litre of water
  • CROPS : Cereals, Pulses, Commercial Vegetable Crops, Flower and Fruit Crops
  • 5 to 10 g/lit (foliar spray)
  • 2 to 3 kg/acre (Drip irrigation)
  • 5 kg/acre (soil application)
  • Promotes root growth
  • Provides uniform shape, size and colour to produce.
  • Gives excellent flowering and fruit setting resulting increase in yield.
  • Increase uptake of various vital elements like Nitrogen, Iron, Boron, Copper and Manganese.
  • Increase in yield when used at the time of flowering, fruit formation and grain filling stages.
  • Increases the luster, quality of seeds specifically and makes the crop hardy.
  • Increases yield and shelf life of the produce.
  • 1kg
  • 25kg