Nova Mycorooter
  • Nova Mycorooter GR, the home of mycorrhizal fungi. An organic microbial fertilizer.
  • It contains indigenous strains of mycorrhizal fungi, which form a special symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants, improving plant health, growth and boosts yields by
  • enhancing soil health and plant root functioning.
  • The product is 100% mycorrhizal with no other additives or chemicals making it environmentally friendly and suitable for organic plant production.
  • Nova Mycorooter GR forms a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship with 90% of all plant roots.
  • Nova Mycorooter GR improves soil structure and aeration.
  • It increases soil biological activity.
Nova Mycorooter
  • Reduced nutritional deficiencies - Nova Mycorooter GR efficiently bring nutrients (particularly phosphorus, copper, manganese and zinc) to the plant where plant roots are not present. This delays nutrient deficiencies and their visual symptoms from appearing.
  • Resistance to salt toxicity - Nova Mycorooter GR have been found to protect plants from high salt and micronutrient toxicities.
  • Nova Mycorooter GR reduces chemical inputs and environmental damage
  • During entire crop growing period plant health maintenance and stress tolerance possible through application of Nova Mycorooter GR .
  • Application of Nova Mycorooter GR enhances reduction of fertilizer need, especially phosphorus.
  • Nova Mycorooter GR contribute to maintain soil quality and nutrient cycling.
  • Nova Mycorooter GR controls soil erosion.
  • It increases plant establishment and survival at seeding or transplanting.
  • It helps to produce more vigorous and healthy plants.
  • Nova Mycorooter GR enhances flowering and fruiting.
  • Increases yields and crop quality.
  • Application of Nova Mycorooter GR leads to plants grow larger, flower earlier and produce higher yields.