Nova Wonder C.W.D.G
  • Apply 1.5-3 Kg of nova wonder granules /Acre is adviced to broadcast near uniformly over the plants in single or along with fertilizers.
  • Paddy,Turmeric, Chilli, Cotton, Sugarcane, Tomato, Okra, Brinjal,Cucumber, Watermelon, Banana, Groundnut, Pulses, Mango And other vegetable and fruit crops.
Nova Wonder C.W.D.G
  • Nova Wonder C.W.D.G Granules Are manufactured scientifically as per international standards,So It contains all nutrients and gives to plants Occording to cropping stage and need of the plants also it reduces the wastage of nutrients
  • Nova Wonder C.W.D.G Contains All Micro and macro nutrients, amino acids, Enzymes,Co-Enzymes, and Hormones in sufficient quantities
  • Nova Wonder C.W.D.G. Granules Improves The Fertilizer use efficiency and reduces the wastage of Fertilizer.
  • Nova Wonder C.W.D.G Granules Contains All nutrients in uniform quantities ,Thus It helps in uniform growth of plants.
  • Nova Wonder C.W.D.G Granules Promotes root development and enhances uptake of nutrients from soil
  • Nova Wonder C.W.D.G Granules gives drought resistance and pest and disease resistance to plants
  • Nova Wonder C.W.D.G Granules Helps in early Flowering And Helps in development of flower bud percentage.
  • 1.5-3 Kgs of Nova Wonder C.W.D.G Granules/Acre.