Nova P-ROM
  • NOVA P-ROM GR improves the physical properties like structure, water holding capacity, porosity, other chemical and biological properties of the soil.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR improves soil conditions like texture, moisture content, ploughing ability etc.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR is slow releasing fertilizer.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR are more efficient way of adding phosphorus to soil than applying chemical fertilizers.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR acts as alternative to many phosphotic fertilizers and makes soil soft and enriched with nutrients for long time.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR provides copper, zinc, cobalt and other such micronutrients to the plant from the soil.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR stimulates root development necessary for the plant to absorb nutrients from the soil.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR supplies phosphorus to the second crop planted in a treated area as efficiently as the first.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR improves soil health and fertility.
  • It supports plant development throughout entire life cycle.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR is involved in the metabolic processes responsible for transferring energy from one point to another in the plant.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR enhances the growth of soil microorganism that assist the dissolution of phosphorous either applied to the soil or naturally present in the soil.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR contains organic manure which prevents leaching, runoff of nutrients.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR increases the immune system in plants.
  • It increases resistance to plant diseases.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR improves plant strength and ability to tolerate unfavourable environmental conditions.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR very effective even in the saline soils where chemical fertilizers completely fails.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR stops soil from becoming acidic or basic and maintains the PH value of soil.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR controls stunted growth of the plant.
  • Phosphorus in the NOVA P-ROM GR necessary for cell division and formation of new tissue formation.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR promotes photosynthesis and food formation by leaf area expansion.
  • NOVA P-ROM GR Stimulates flower blooms and seed development .
  • NOVA P-ROM GR application results more uniform and earlier crop maturity.
  • 1 BAG