Pinakil Gr
  • Pinakil is a naturally derived product from NOVA AGRI TECH blend with sea algae ,humic acids and organic acids helpful in plant production and protection.
  • The substance in pinakil penetrates deep in to the cell layer and activates the chemical reaction that promotes cell division and vegetative growth.
  • Pinakil supports root system development and also helps the plant in absorption of nutrients from the soil.
  • It strengthens the plant to tolerate pest, diseases and drought conditions by enhancing plants immunity.
  • Pinakil is used for effective control of fruits and flower drop.
  • Additionally it plays a key role in supplementing macro and micro nutrients to plant.
  • Crops : Chilli,tomato, Bhendi, Brinjal, Cotton, Pulses, Grapes, Lemon,citrus, Melon And Other Vegetable Crops.
  • Dosages : 8kg granules/1acre.
  • Available Package:1kg bag,4kg bag, 8kg bag, 25kg drum,35kg drum,48 kg drum, 50kg drum,5kg bucket,8kg bucket,10kg bucket, 20kg bucket.