Uni StrikerTM
  • Nova Agri Tech Limited brings you innovative product for Paddy in the form of Uni Strikerâ„¢. Rich in both Organic and Mineral Substances essential for plant growth which acts as a Plant Energizer and Yield Booster.
  • Uni Strike TM Induces Resistance towords varius borers and Leaf eating caterpillars
  • Uni StrikeTM promotes uptake of Macro and Micro nutrients, Retains water soluble inorganic fertilizer in the root zone and release them to plants when needed.
  • Uni StrikeTM helps in smooth functioning of metabolical processes of plant system.
  • Uni StrikerTM overall helps in obtaining qualitative and quantitative yields.
  • Dosage : 4 Kg of Uni StrikerTM per 1 Acre